UPDATED!!Tonight on the FoxXxcast...ShirleyPhelps-Roper ASSHOLE OF THE WEEK


Well it's over and what a time it was. We were under near constant server ping attacks. I noticed I got booted when I had her against the ropes a few times....coincidence??? Here's the thing...she isn't that hard to debate. She can't stand it if you remain calm in the face of all her douche-baggery. She refuses to answer direct questions ESPECIALLY when they revolve around scripture quotes and she jumps around the Bible like she's got a pogo stick crammed up her snizz!

for what it is...and are you ready for what it is....SHE ISShe's only dangerous when her vile hate message isn't drug out into the cold light of reality and shown AN ATTENTION WHORE! Everything that her church does is for the sole purpose of gaining a platform with the media. It's meant to send you in to a blind rage cause people in a rage don't think as clearly as people who see this for what it is P.T. Barnum style shenanigans. For the remainder of mankinds existence there will be people who twist religion to suit themselves when what you really need to say to them a fucking karaoke machine and go star in your bedroom! Hey Westboro "Baptist" Church.....EAT MY SHORTS!

I know you've seen these asshats picketing soldiers funerals and basically perverting Christianity for their own hateful purposes. Well tonight is your chance to give them a piece of your mind. The RaunchFoxXx FoxXxcast which I co-host will have Shirley Phelps-Roper LIVE on Stickam this evening at 9pm PST. Oh and if you need some extra vitriol to motivate you to come and berate this looney tunes here's a link to a press release from the WBC (Westboro Baptist Church)(many thanks to were they anounce their intent to picket the funeral of Heath Ledger because of his role in Brokeback Mountain.

You can watch right here but better yet click on the screen while the show is airing and choose a temporary screen name and join in the text chat. There's no Sign-up required, No email required, no personal info. Come help us tell these pathetic excuses for humanity to TFSU! If you need more info leave me a comment and I will answer your questions.

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