Carma Sutra....human origami goes on the road

I'd be willing to bet that most of us have been there. You're on a date. You're REALLY digging each other. You can't wait and you know that it's...Business time! Depending on the size and type of vehicle you've got this urgent need to get down can pose interesting challenges of position and performance at a time when the baby batter has your brain on shut down. Well you'll never have to fear again my friends because YOU can be prepared. You can possess the technical skills necessary to get the job done in style. Introducing Carma Sutra!
Unbuckle your seatbelt for this, the first-ever manual of sex positions for in-car entertainment! Fully illustrated and packed with helpful, practical, model-specific advice, this glove-compartment-sized guide contains everything readers need to rev up their sex drive!
All I can say is OH YEAH! The book can be picked up pretty cheap over at

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