YouTube Holiday E-cards...Love it

I am not a huge YouTuber. By that I mean that I post the occasional video to YouTube and I watch those videos uploaded to my subscribed channels, but I spend very little time over there. That's sort of odd too because I was an original (by that I mean one of the first 50,000) to take note of YouTube. I was online, and received one of the original Director (and by that I mean one of the first 100,000) accounts. This was not my YamagooTube account so before you go crying FOUL! know that I am aware of this fact. It's not REAL HARD to figure out which account I am talking about.
YouTube has created a neat little feature for the holidays..Video Holiday Cards. By clicking on that link you are taken to a special page of "holiday" themed videos. You can select one of these, choose a custom holiday "wrapper" and whoosh it off to any number of special people you desire...pretty cool.

This is actually available to use with ANY YouTube video.

"Did he say ANY You Tube video?"


"But how?"

Well just select any video currently available on YouTube and look for the Send This as a Video Holiday Card button and follow the step by step instructions.

This is a great feature and I hope it's one that YouTube will develop for other holidays. I have several videos I'd like to send out for Steak & BJ Day!

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