Great Caesars Ghost! It's The Stack!

In case you just joined us I want to bring you up to speed on a very important part of my geek-i-tude...I love comic books. Correction...I love superheroes who are usually found in comic books. As a kid I would buy as many as I could on my extremely lame and fully inadequate $2.00 a week allowance. (Comics were about $.50/ea back then...ah the good old days.) As an adult I embarked on what i like to call selective collecting. I have some great issues, including a Spawn #1 issue that I had signed by Todd McFarlane BEFORE the movie deal! So several months back when I discovered Pulp Sercret and more importantly the awesomeness that is The Stack I was in heaven. I will henceforth embed all episodes of The Stack here to share with all of you. WARNING....Comic Books and Superheroes are CONTAGIOUS! Watch at your own risk.

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