Stickam rumors...and more

Rumors are flying all around the popular video community Stickam about possible upcoming changes. Recently Stickam has begun to feature a broader combination of UGC (user generated content) and major media offerings on its front page in a new interface which is more visitor friendly. The recent addition of Google adsense and banner ads has led some users to wonder whether Stickam is getting ready for significant changes. Speculation about what those changes might be ranges from the site being "prepped for sale" to a larger internet firm to a possible roll out of a fee based, subscription type service. The service has been innovating a lot recently. New features have been popping up to the surprise, and occasionally chagrin of the most active users. It also appears that there is a new focus on policing so called "inappropriate" content on the PG-13 site. I'll keep my eye on the changes and see if I can find out more as things develop.

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  1. Stickam Showtime emailed me this week stating:

    "We are launching our new Music page this week and it includes a feature calendar. Please start adding all your show times to the calendar on your My Page and checking the box for "request to feature" for any that you want to make public. I know it's time consuming but I need shows to be on that calendar and you're my best hope of getting this thing kick-started lol. And I think it will prove to be good extra exposure for you too."

    So YUP lot's of new features have come and more are being added.

    I've been on Stickam for 6 months, and it seems like the entire time they have been adding stuff. I know iYamagoo has been on Stickam much longer, but hasn't Stickam always been adding features (whether the new features work or not, cauase more users crashing adn lower frame rates).

    I'd love to get an email stating some of the sources of this info/rumours or a reply of how close to the sources are to the people at Stickam.

    Also, with the newer compitition like BlogTV and others I think Stickam has good reason to try and upgrade things for the better. Even if the Stickam forums seem to be full of whiners.

    If I were Stickam, I'd want to keep the largest social network of webcam users working it's best and follow it's own policy of PG13 (I thought it was PG14). If there is a perspective buyer for Stickam, it has to look and run good in the most user friendly way for the widest audience.


  2. All of you purists should come to! It is also a great UGC site and it is only for adults, 18 and up. Therefor, you will find that your are censored much less. is also coming up with great new innovations while keeping the community its main focus.

    Come check it out, its free! :)


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