Fix8..More like Fix it!

I first heard about Fix8 early this year and thought it was a great concept. Basically you download the app and it will apply various avatars or "accessories" to your web video in real time, allowing you to become a moving talking animation in any video chat, or webcast you may be engaged in. In short my first experience with Fix8 SUCKED MAJOR!
The software was bloated and jerky. It offered ridiculous looking avatars and tired accessories. I uninstalled the software the same day I downloaded it, something I never do. I usually give a program at least a week to grow on me but this was a real stinker.

Then in June I began to see articles and even ads promoting fix8 on Stickam. The softwares site blog confirmed that a partnership had been formed, and as I generally approve of Stickam, recent rumors and complaints aside, I felt maybe it was time to give the software another go....

While the interface was much improved the software was STILL very buggy, and most of the coolest avatars shown on the site (celebutars and politicos) were not available for purchase or use! I fired off an email and got a (quick)canned response encouraging me to wait for the "newest" upgrade. Meanwhile this hog is supposed to just sit on my hard drive? NO WAY! I uninstalled...again...same day I downloaded.

So here we are again and this time fix8 is promising to "streamline" the download process and improve the interface and customization qualities of its software. All I can say is fix8 I want you to work soooooooo badly that I probably will give you one more shot, but this is your LAST CHANCE. When will these changes be made and when can I expect the product that you have been promising but failing to deliver?

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