If you happen to be like me

and are extremely into gadgets, toys, and random miscellaneous shit that no real, normal, person would be able to find everyday uses for, let alone want to have on hand at a moments notice. Which really make the whole bag/backpack route rather inconvenient... Hence the reason that when i came across this clothing line, i placed a rather large order right away ($200, and arriving Monday) Over at Scott E. Vest, you can find clothing to fit any kind of gadget guy or girl in any situation. Being as I leave for Cali. at the end of the week, i thought that with airports, and security being able to keep the things that i want right at hand(Ipod, camera, water, sunglasses, PSP, cell phone, keys, plane tickets, wallet.... get my drift???) Being avid in the outdoors, when i get some time i cant wait to have these camping, or doing some rock climbing :-D This is The Captain, signing off till later.... FIRE UP....

One Last thing, for all our philly readers, Radio 104.5fm has changed their format again, as of about 3 weeks ago i think... Since i found it, i have not turned my radio off... Drop by and give a listen, tell em' The Captain sent you!!!

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