Floppie is what they call him..

Floppie the Banjo Clown...former member of the rock band Pro Bono, had a rough time when the band kicked him out. He was part of a duo with the Cowbell player from Blue Oyster Cult for a couple years but it just never seemed to take off.

Now Floppie needs a What Not To Wear style make-over and he's turning to us Yamagooers...can we resuscitate this clowns career from the toilet with a change of wardrobe? Is image really everything? Why the hell does DJ J post all these internet paper dolls?
All these questions and more....answered after you chill out and FIRE UP!
Click the pic to dress Floppie!

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  1. I've always wondered what clowns wear during their time off, and now I know. I feel enlightened.


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