DJ Maul's C4 Adventures!

As usual, life has been BUSY for you're ol' pal Deej and YES I will have some video footage etc. coming up from my trip to LA and the Star Wars Convention!

In fact, I already have the first few blogs of my adventures up at my Star blog here:

Each "C4 Recap" blog features stories, pictures and links to video clips of all kinds of interesting things...well, intersting to Star Wars geeks anyway.

I want to personally thank J for pitching in during my "Meet & Greet Party/Webcast" by providing sound effects and music to my party out in LA all the way from HIS home back east! Ain't technology COOL?

The party itself was a complete success, and you can read all about it at this blog here:

I will leave you a video segment here as a teaser: Amira Sa'id is a professional belly dancer and was a performing at the Convention dressed in the infamous "Slave Leia" costume, performing several Star Wars themed dances for the crowds and then teaching many members some moves themselves.

She wanted to attend my party and actually VOLUNTEERED to perform her dance there for us as a preview of her live Con show!

It took me all of 0.5 seconds to accept that offer!

I cant for the life of me figure out HOW to get the video to appear HERE (maybe J can fix this in edit) so here is the link to the video anyway, enjoy:

My pleasure Deej, and it was great to DJ from across the country. What rush! The webcast was a huge success with lots of folks joining us from literally all over the world. Technology is indeed awesome-DJ J

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