I have been broadcasting LIVE on the blog every day of the week for a while now and I decided it was time to introduce some guidance to my random selection of music. If you would like to suggest a "theme" for the other 4 days of the work week please do. I want something original though....don't give that regular old Awesome 80's type schlock. Come up with something we can discuss back in forth in the LIVE CHAT on Stickam. You don't need a Stickam account to chat...just click on the image of me in the upper left corner, and when prompted choose a temporary screename and that's it! If you want to video chat then create an account and add us as friends and boom we're talking live.

So the first theme is for Thursdays, cause today is Thursday, and it's SONGS THAT TAKE YOU BACK! You know what I mean those songs that immediately suck you right back to a particular time and place. They bring back more than just emotion they bring back images, and smells and put you right back in that moment. You can hear mine, and even get the inside scoop on why these songs matter to me by adding me as a Twitter friend and then listening and following the Tweets! I will endeavore to save all the tweets and post them at the end of the day. Should be fun, but it'll be GREAT if we get YOUR participation. email me requests and the story behind them and I'll share them with everyone ala Casey Kasem.
UPDATE:So here are the Tweets from Twitter. These are only MY memories tied to the songs indicated. I revised them cause sometimes 140 characters just isn't enough....these are in reverse order and do not represent every song played. Thanks to those who joined me.

Black-Pearl Jam: Breaking up with a REALLY HOT GIRL is much harder..Dr.Hook was right ..Jess cheated... I played this alot...and drank alot...and smoked alot...

Darling Nikki-Prince: New in town, 14 and horny, meet Tara J(Tai) she took the edge off the can get any girl to give it up while watching Purple's better than Spanish Fly!

Paint It Black-The Stones Digging through moms records..7yrs old...popped this on ...what is this...Oh I LIKE THIS..."MOM who are these guys?"

You're Sixteen-Ringo:Wow...I'm like 5 or 6 making Christmas cookies with my folks...back when we were all still happy and together...can taste the icing still ...

All Night Long-Lionel Richie:Riding in a hot smelly van camping across Europe with my Dad..Lionel Richie only Pop music tape in our posession...can see Mont St. Michel rising up out of the water ahead..14yrs old..what a sight

Run To The Hills-Iron Maiden: Alan Amorosso's house...posters everywhere of Eddie..Playing D&D

Heart&Soul-Huey Lewis: Man was this a great time. Watching MTV..eating chips alone, not really, but lonely

Dreams_Fleetwood Mac: I'm young real young dozing on the way to my Grandmothers Toronto skyline visible through the car window..beautiful

Pony-Ginuwine: Working for The Pros...jaimi C and I doing stuff you shouldn't do on my office copier...Cherries Lounge and Karaoke

Flash Gordon-Queen: Ok I am truly a geek but this reminds me of a lazy matinee...dropped off by Mom...alone in the movies

Need You Tonight-INXS: Donna Hughes....every INXS song reminds me of Donna..and sharing M&M's in biology class..wonder where Donna is now?

Rapture-Blondie: First time I ever heard Rap..lived in Germany this was on Armed Forces radio..1st awareness of someone who was really stoned..Debbie Harry of Blondie on SNL was she high.

Whipping Post-The Allman Brothers: Performing with Mario Parillo (RIP Mario) and Fred Coury (of Cinderella) in Blues project called "Dirty Pool" circa 1996 @ Aids awareness festival, South Jersey, standing "O" from the very wet crowd

Faith-George Michael : School friends serenading me and my then GF..Faith H. Won Dirty Dance Contest with Kari D that night No more me and Faith..but Kari..ah Kari
Roll with the Changes - REO : Ahhh... dating Lynn T. big REO fan..couldn't get to 2nd base while she babysat but discovered some great music.

Back in Black - AC/DC: 2nd album I ever bought with my own $$ Duane & Steve and getting in trouble 5th grade..Atari...thought I was cool about

It's Probably Me - Sting : visiting Laura at college, dark times for us..trying to hurt each much in curious about life

Lean on Me - Club Nouveau : Band Trips, I was a band geek we traveled to competitions this was a favorite spontaneous sing along on the bus about

Everytime You Go Away - Paul Young : I spent the summer in Toronto away from my high school sweetheart. Played this alot

Woke Up This Morning - A3 -Watching The Sopranos 1st season w/ Jen..Valopicella and vodka ...lust..lust...lust..

American Pie - Don Maclean : I used to play summers in Alex bay in an acoustic Duo. Plenty of $$, plenty of smoke, always got requested

Time Stands Still - Rush : Memories of Vicki, Kelda, Canei wine and smokin. God Vicki could kiss.. I can smell her perfume when this plays

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