Obama can't handle art?

So Barack Obama's cracker jack advance team apparently decided that they should censor the art collection at Virginia art gallery during his visit Tuesday. This is an excerpt from The Smoking Gun website
"... one large painting was covered (at left) by a curtain and another (below)had been removed entirely before the Democrat's arrival. Obama's staff apparently was concerned that the paintings--both by artist Jamie Boling--would somehow embarrass the Illinois senator, who spoke Tuesday night to a crowd of 500 supporters at Richmond's Plant Zero gallery."
What amazes me is not only the childishness of the action, but that Virginia art gallery would allow it. What the fuck? The gallery believes in the paintings enough to show them but the first asshat who dribble his politically correct drool on them can get pieces removed.

In advance of my next visit to Virginia art gallery I want all paintings that show non-moving fruit removed. It offends me the way it's all lying there...trying to tempt me to gluttony...shameless.

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  1. Its scary just how hypocritical we are in this country and just how EASILY we can all be censored for nothing more than a politicians whim...didnt this used to be the Land Of The Free?

  2. Yeah really! And the thing that pisses me off is the painting are rather benign...
    Remember the Democrats making such a fuss over John Ashcroft covering the genitals on fine art sculptures...then their new flavor of the month Obama does the same and there's NOT ONE WORD on major media..NOT ONE! Thank God that there's the Smoking Gun, and blogs like ours who at least make people aware of this ridiculous bullshit!

  3. Greggie C7:23 PM

    Fuck Obama he ll never win and Buenos Dias from mexico. sad to say im leaving today.

    Side Note: Internet costs $3 per 1/2 hour and paper is .50 a sheet go fugure (Fukin bendejos) $ remember Fuego Alto! Mota es muy bueno!

    Greggie C

    Puerto Vallarta Mexico


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