eBay prepares to StumbleUpon new acquisition

I read this today on MarketingVox, who apparently got their information from TechCrunch....

"eBay is approaching the last leg of its negotiation talks for StumbleUpon, setting the bill of sale at $75 million, divulges TechCrunch.

Having raised just $1.5 million in one round seed financing, StumbleUpon's $75 sale will long be bringing bread for its investors. And though the agreement is not yet final, the purchase seems certain. The startup has been courting acquisition since last November.

StumbleUpon, a service that parks a "Stumble!" icon on Web browsers and loads a random medley of websites guided by user feedback, boasted 2.1 million users in April, up from December's 1.7 million.

A little over 4 million sites per day receive "stumblers" seeking sites of interest to them."

If you don't use StumbleUpon then you are missing out on a simple and highly customizable way to discover cool places on the web. When I first met my wife she told me she didn't use the internet very much because it was simply too big. Trying to decide what to look at was a daunting task. There's alot of truth to that statement and StumbleUpon holds many of the answers to the questions people have about what is out there in cyber-space.

If you look to the left sidebar you will note that our Group StumbleUpon account is listed there. If you go to our StumbleBlog you will find many pictures of naked or semi naked women. That is one of things that you can find on StumbleUpon, if you want. However you don't ever have to see a naked anything using StumbleUpon due to its extremely customizable search structure, which is as simple as checking boxes to indicate what you want to see. The categories are endless and the sites are all recommended by the users.

I have discovered some awesome Movie Trailers, great web-sites, found breaking news stories long before the "big blogs" got to them, and generally enjoyed HOURS of "Stumbling" while waiting for files to load, emails to arrive, or just simply to discover pictures like the one here on the right which stole my breath away the first time I "stumbled" upon it.

StumbleUpon makes discovering the net EXACTLY what you want it to be.....exciting, fun, and personal.

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