DJ Mauls Ultimate Toy Room Tour moves to Blogspot!

Hey gang!
Some of you may be familiar with my long running Toy Room Tour series from over at Star even got me a feature page on their website!
Anyway, since Im running out of blog space there PLUS I was looking for some new content to add here, I started moving my Toy Room Tour blogs, complete with pictures, over to my blog page here.
if you've never seen my collection before and are interested you can check them out here:
DJ Mauls Blogspot Blog
I will be moving several chapters a day over as I find the time, so you can check back whenever for the next segments.

I was going to post them HERE but I have over 30 of them so far and that would take up way too much room here i'd think.

I will leave you with a teaser for what you can expect to see:

Scratch & Dent Sale


  1. Great stuff man! I have been considering a personal blog for stuff that doesn't seem right for here! Way to lead the pack man! How bout just giving us the occasional sneak peek as you update? That way people will know when something new is uploaded to DJ Mauls Blog @ Blogspot

  2. Dude Ive always admired your collection! Keep up the GREAT WORK!

  3. That is really impressive! This am when I talked to Pop about this, my first thought and comment was-"what a dork- a grown man collecting toys!" but now I know I was misinformed and I apologize! It is very cool and wish I had the gumption to do something like that!
    Good work!!


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