My new addiction..Current TV

Here's a network for the information age. They call it "the tv network created by, with & for our audience" It's really the best thing on cable (apart from Family Guy and Entourage) So what is Current TV? from the Current website...

Current is about what's going on: stories from the real world, told by you.

We slice our schedule into short segments that we call "pods" — each just a few minutes long. You'll see profiles of interesting people on the rise, intelligence on trends as they spring up around us, and international news from new perspectives.

And much of it comes straight from you.

We call it viewer-created content, or VC2. Right now, VC2 makes up about a third of our channel — and that share is growing.

It works like this:

Anyone who wants to contribute can upload a video. Then, everyone in the Current online community helps decide what should be on TV. You can join in at either stage — watch & vote or make video. (We've also got online training to help you get the skills you need to make TV!)

This is definitely not a traditional TV network. Watching Current, you'll see more, on more topics, from more points of view.

But if we're going to succeed, we need you to do more than watch; we need you to jump in and participate.

I am completely addicted to the programming. There's something for everyone and it runs the gammut from funny to serious and somehow manages not to come off as preachy. This despite the fact that the chairman of the board is Al Gore. To get me over that hump the channel HAS to be doing something right. There are opinions from all perspectives and the editing is exceptional. Find Current on you local cable system and give it a try. I bet you'll like it.

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