Man has SEX with Daughter!!! NOT PORN

OK, this video is as sick and twisted as it gets...it's also hysterically funny, although its NOT what you THINK:

Man Has Sex With Daughter (humor, NOT porn!)

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  1. DJ MAUL RETURNS with a truly sick and twisted post. Now I am not assuming since you have this awesome Star Wars Collection that you have doe this exact same thing, however it does make one wonder exactly what sorts of things you HAVE made Darth and Co. do to one another.

  2. LOL...nah, Ive never done THAT with my toys...and that lightsaber had to get removed from my ass surgically was a total freak accident; I um, SAT on it, yeah, thats what happened...

  3. Anonymous9:06 PM

    i got a woody or a PLACTICY


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