Tommy Mac....C'MON DOWN!

We've invited our long time friend and fellow DJ Tommy mac to write with us here at the Yamagoo blog. He has real web cred. See Tommy is a hard core, longtime collector of Star Wars merchandise. So devout that (yes thats the official site) did an interview with Tommy regarding his collection and his Star Wars specific blog. Here's a bit of that interview......

Featured Blog: DJ Maul's Dancin' Cantina Party
October 25, 2006

When New Jersey DJ Tommy Mac started giving virtual tours featuring his showcase room full of Star Wars collectibles, he had no idea that it would resonate so strongly with other collectors.

"I've been planning my toy room for as long as I can remember," Mac continues. "I always knew someday I would buy a house that had at least one room I could use to dedicate to my ever growing Star Wars collection. When that dream finally came true and I had it all set up and displayed the way I wanted it, of course I wanted to share it with people. Not too many people I know are as hardcore a fan as I am, so I figured I'd reach out to the one place I know is full if fans like me -- Star Wars Blogs."

His blog name, DJ Maul's Dancin' Cantina Party, evolved from several different ideas including his job as a mobile DJ. "I'm the guy who's always out there dancing up a storm and encouraging all the rest of the people at the party to join in and have fun too," Mac says. "That's also what my blog is about -- just having fun being a Star Wars fan and collector, and having an active part in the 'party' in whatever way you can."

[ Featured Blog: DJ Maul's Dancin' Cantina Party ] Reading Mac's blog, visitors will not only get collecting tips, but also see some of his extensive collection in a virtual tour. "Any collector will tell you that a major part of the fun of collecting is sharing your collection with others who appreciate the same thing," Mac says. "I had actually done a few trial versions before, which were more or less just links to a webpage where I stored the pictures, but after Steve Sansweet started his "Rancho Obi-Wan Tour" video series I was inspired to try something on a much larger scale --- a piece by piece, picture by picture tour of my entire collection. It took a lot longer than I thought!" read more HERE

So here's hoping that Tommy mac will join us here at Yamagoo and give us a glimpse into the rest of his brain, Star Wars or not!

Tommy Mac....................C'mon down!


  1. Wow, you've been BUSY here LOL.

    Geez, you want something from me BESIDES Star Wars??? I have no idea what else to do, LOL.

    I'll have to think of something I guess.

  2. and BTW...where the HELL did you get that pic? My hair is a mess.

    God Im so vain...


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