Kirsten Dunst - Carl Sagan was "...biggest pot smoker in the world"

Apparently casting Kirsten Dunst as MaryJane in the Spiderman movies wasn't accidental by any means. The star told reporters that she thinks the world would be a better place if everyone smoked pot. From StarPulse
Dunst, 24, says,

"I drink moderately, I've tried drugs. I do like weed. I have a different outlook on marijuana than America does. My best friend Sasha's dad was Carl Sagan, the astronomer. He was the biggest pot smoker in the world and he was a genius.

"I've never been a major smoker, but I think America's view on weed is ridiculous. I mean - are you kidding me? If everyone smoked weed, the world would be a better place. I'm not talking about being stoned all day, though. I think if it's not used properly, it can hamper your creativity and close you up inside."

Right you are MaryJane Kirsten, right you are. So Kirsten Dunst has been added to the "People We'd Love to Smoke a Bowl With"


  1. Anonymous1:13 AM

    god i love those titties

  2. smoke a bowl with, shower with, have hot sweaty monkey sex with...its all good.


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