Forget the "Easy Button" Meet the "Bullshit" button

I can't even tell you how much Bullshit I hear in a day so I was very excited to see this in the GReader (via Gizmodo..Love the Giz!) The only dowside I can see is that I will need a TON of these so that I can have it on hand when needed. Maybe a Bullshit Watch is what I need? Anyway when you hear some absolute crap just hit the button and it will be called out by one of these phrases
• "(Beep) That was bullshit"
• "(Siren) Bullshit detected, take precautions"
• "Bullshit level defcon 5"
• "Oh come on now, that ain't even bullshit, that's horseshit"
• "Warning, warning, bullshit alert"
Here the link EXACTLY as Gizmodo had it ....

Product Page [Find me a gift via i4u - Thanks Ray!]

1 comment:

  1. A Bullshit button would be great...I'd also love a bullhorn on the freeway, but I doubt I'll ever get it.

    Love the blog, will be back!


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