Christopher Walken-Gotta love him...he's everywhere he's....

I first remember being aware of Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter. What a powerful role, and what a fucking mind trip. We watched the movie for a film class in High School and it just blew me away.
How many awesome moments has this incredibly gifted actor given us? It's virtually limitless. The guy is in friggin everything. Classic Walken from Pulp Fiction...

"I hid this uncomfortable piece of metal in my ass for 7 years .....and now..... I give it to you"

Then of course there's the infamous "Cowbell" sketch. This timeless sketch will secure his place in the pantheon of comedy for all time.
Then I came across this,,,Love Fatboy Slim and love this video....Dance on Mr. Walken...you fuckin rock....
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