The END of Privacy @otf

From Xeni by way of Say Everything
At 26, Kitty is herself an old lady, in Internet terms. She left her teens several years before the revolution began in earnest: the forest of arms waving cell-phone cameras at concerts, the MySpace pages blinking pink neon revelations, Xanga and Sconex and YouTube and and Flickr and Facebook and and Wikipedia and especially, the ordinary, endless stream of daily documentation that is built into the life of anyone growing up today. You can see the evidence everywhere, from the rural 15-year-old who records videos for thousands of subscribers to the NYU students texting come-ons from beneath the bar. Even 9-year-olds have their own site, Club Penguin, to play games and plan parties. The change has rippled through pretty much every act of growing up. Go through your first big breakup and you may need to change your status on Facebook from "In a relationship" to "Single." Everyone will see it on your "feed," including your ex, and that's part of the point.' (read the rest here)

The article confirms something I have pondered for quite some time about the changes that we need to consider in our personal behaviors living in such an in your face, post it on my blog, cell phone pictures/ video, YouTube view whore, society.  There's none of the "thank God everyone else was a f**ked up as I was last night" to save you from embarrassment, prosecution or worse. 

Different world.  We need to adjust to it cause this here Genie ain't goin back in the lamp.


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