Grammy Moments...

Are you fucking kidding me...BRING ON THE TOUR!!!
These guys fucking rock and may i just say that Stewart Copeland may be the best most creative drummer alive. What a great turn on the classic Roxanne. This will be a record breaking tour. Can't wait...don't care how much the tix cost I will be high and in the first 10 rows...
There's lots more just click on the link below...

The classiest moment of the night....
Danny Ray paying tribute to an icon. I thought Christina Aguilera's rendition of "Man's World" was outfuckinstanding!

Here was the surprise of the night for me. John Mayer is a favorite of mine ( I know I'm not a bi-curious college girl, but I love his blues influence, and his obvious Prince inspired solo was so fucking great) but I never thought he'd take either of these categories (see the post below for more info)

Tonight Justin Timberlake played piano, and guitar on stage as well as paying out a little love to the You Tube set with his up close and bloggy camera work but the real energy was reserved for his performance with contest winner Robyn Troup.
This girl not only can actually sing, but she held her own on stage with JT and TI moving from the classic Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine..." into JT's recent hit "My Love" If you get one chance to show what you got you gotta nail it, and fucking nail it she did. Hope producer of the year Rick Rubin, or Uber producer Clive Davis or any of the other folks who crank the hit machine were paying attention and if they weren't I'll produce her cause she has it.

So why do I even care or bother with the Grammy Moments? Cause of all the awards that you can win (short of a Pulitzer or Nobel and I am have no hope for either of those) a Grammy is the one I'd REALLY love to win. Who knows I ain't quite done yet. Maybe next year....hmmmmm? - Go beyond blogging. Capture your life events to share online or just with your friends. FREE

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