When I was young boy....

....this ROCKED! I remember how excited i was when I saw the commercials. Back in the days when there were 3 channels plus PBS. As an adult I can barely watch...well actually it's like a train wreck you don't want to watch but you can't help yourself! I know its past Xmas but with all the Star Wars talk we've done here in the last few days when I saw it on The Daily Reel feed today...well I couldn't help myself. This is proof that Lucas isn't perfect.

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  1. Ah, the infamous "Holiday Special!"

    For the record though, Lucas did NOT write this crap. The mistake he made was giving permission to TV network executives to go ahead with this project and THIS is what THEY produced! After this fiasco Lucas tightened the reigns on his baby and made sure nobody else had permission to drag it down like this ever again.

    Hey, I think its WORTH watching just to see Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) singing her offtune heart out while obviously high as a kite on cocaine...oh, and the Wookiee porn is classic.


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