The OFFICIAL SIMPSONS Website! vs.Stewie Live!

Here is an oldie but an always getting better goodie! When was the last time you were over at The Official Simpsons website
I surfed in to the Episode guide and had a blast reading through the 1st season. I could actually see the episodes in my head. Well worth a return trip if you've been before, and DEFINITELY a must stop on-line if you haven't!

I also checked out StewieLive over at the Family Guy Website. I LOVE Family Guy and StewieLive is Freekin Sweet! If you like the show you'll love Stewie Live. Go Check it out!

1 comment:

  1. rockyjay12:20 PM

    Those synopsis of early seasons made feel so nostalgic...

    ... or maybe I'm just catching a flu?


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