And the award for "Lucky Bastard of The Year" goes to...

In my hunt for this week's "Celebrity Asshole" I stumbled upon this article about pop singer James Blunt:

In it it talks about how he is now moving to Switzerland to avoid paying taxes on the 9.8 MILLION dollars he made for his album "Back To Bedlam" which featured his hit single "Beautiful."

I REALLY wanted to label him an ASSHOLE but I suppose I can't blame the guy for ditching Englands incredibly UNFAIR taxation laws, plus Switzerland seems like a nice place to live.

But I just can't help but feel a bit JEALOUS: This guy has ONE hit song, makes almost 10 cool Mil and blows town to live the life in a tax sheltered paradise...makes me wish I had one INKLING of talent enough to write a song...ANY song, even a sappy love ballad.

Some people have all the luck.

BTW...Anyone wanna put odds that "Blunt" is NOT his real last name...?

Yamagoo up for me in the Alps, James, you lucky SOB.

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  1. I cant stand this Dude. I dont see what the attraction is..I just don't get it!


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