Later Bill

As many of you know I, DJ J, am a Dallas Cowboys fan and have been since I was a small boy, living in Killeen, TX. The Cowboys were the first team that I was aware of in professional football. I vivdily remember watching Roger Staubach, dodge, dip, duck, and dodge in the backfield behind one of the best offensive lines ever. I remember Ed "too tall" Jones and dominant "D" of Dallas. I remember Tom Landry, always cool as ice. That will always be Cowboys football to me. Sure the Cowboys of the 90's were great. I loved watching Aikman, and what is there not to love about watching Emmitt Smith. With coaching from Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, both always just a bit ( yeah just a bit) at odds with Jerry Jones. I have suffered those times when we sucked...(which have always ebbed and flowed in Dallas) and I have ridden the high of many Super Bowl victories. So today when Bill Parcells announced his retirement I yawned, stretched, reminisced, and then MOVED ON. Thanks for the rebuild...half way anyway....Thanks for wait no thanks....thanks for T.O. (any chance you'll take him with you? PLEASE!?) ...thanks for the added press, the higher profile and for keeping us relevant while we are maturing back into the team we always end up being. So Bill enjoy your retirement...

Now how many days till September?

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