What Happened On 9/11

All Hands Sound Off, The Captain is on the Bridge
Well, a while back I came across a video from 9/11, a day that all of us will undoubtedly remember until out last days on this here earth. Somewhere along the line, we lost sight of what really happened that day, how we, as Americans, were attacked. That day, there was no longer white, black, Asian, Mexican, etc. we were all American. I bring this up because of this video. It is not of the attacks on the Towers, but the Pentagon. Somehow, there have been books, television shows, and even movies casting big name actors(I believe Nicholas Cage was the latest) to make money on our national tragedy. However, Finding this controversial video was no easy task, and needless to say was unable to figure out how to rip it. Here is the link.

Check it out, And as always......SOUND OFF!!


  1. I've seen that video before, and with all due respect, i dont BUY it.

    That video is VERY one sided, all the claims made in it have long since been proved very innacurate.

    There was a video I saw, an Army video, of tests of the new concrete walls made to withstand amazing impacts, and they flew a jet airplane into a wall and the thing literally disintigrated! turned to DUST!

    Anyway, sorry, I dont buy that whole conspiracy thing anymore than I buy the ones about the Twin Towers.

  2. My predisposition is not to believe in conspiracies but i wish the government wouldn't be so fucking hardcore with its refusal to release video that would clear things up. It allows for conjecture. If they would simply disclose everything alot of this stuff would go away.

    That having been said there is no end to my distrust for the Federal government. I side with the founding fathers on that point. The bigger a government gets, the more power it wields, and the more power it wields the greater the lengths it will go to to protect that power. Oh crap now I sound like Palpatine! LOL!

  3. it looks cool all YAMAGOOD up!

  4. Pop:

    Totally AGREE, even if you DO sound like palpatine, LOL..good reference BTW.

    I agree our government has far too MUCH power and control over things they have no business being involved in (drugs being a major one) but I just dont buy the fact that we blew up our own Pentagon to start a war...

  5. No way we blew it up ourselves, at least not on purpose. I don't put it outside the realm of possibility that we could have made an attempt at shooting down a plane, with a missile, missed it, and conked the Pentagon...though even THAT is waaaay beyond the bounds of reasoned specualtion....I tend to think that the government for its own reasons...cleaned up a lot of the actual plane wreckage and isn't filling us in on the "what and why." I don't think we had a hand in 9/11, beyond our exceptional impression of an Ostrich with its head in the sand in the years leading up to the attacks.


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