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Well, seeing as it has been a few days since my last post so it seems to be time.... Have you ever had one of those days when you are just bored, nothing seems to be very entertaining, and you really have nothing to do??? The following, are some of my personal favorites to wast some time. First let's start with MINICLIP, More specifically, RUNESCAPE (you can find me as adredaline1, should you want to(DJ J is online as Yamagoo and DJGreggieC is-DJGreggieC). there are some other fun games as well. Next, is EBAUMSWORLD, Good games, and Some great video. How About Checking Out KILLSOMETIME or XGENSTUDIOS has some interesting Stick Figure Themed games, As well as STICKDEATH. You can find alot of games on HYPEGAMES One of my favorites is "Deal or No Deal". Get Bored, Log in, and check out some ways to waste some time.......SOUND OFF!!

***Note from DJ J- You can always download our FREE Game of the day, over in the right hand sidebar. These are first class games that normally you'd have to pay for, but cause we're over flowing with Yamagoo love you get 24 hours to claim them for FREE!

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  1. I've played "Deal Or No Deal" online before...for a game that's ALL chance, no skill whatsoever, its amazingly FUN to play.


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