Celebrity Asshole of The Week

This could very well be a regular feature here, as there are always so MANY to choose from....just read your yahoo headlines and you'll spot one eventually.

To kick off the feature RIGHT, I hereby present:

Terrell Owens
Proving once again that while there is no "I" in "Team" there certainly is a "Me!"

After Dallas lost to The Eagles AGAIN this past Sunday, Owens complains at his press conference about how it's everybody ELSE'S fault but HIM that they lost!

They didn't THROW to him enough, Brian Dawkins "bumped" him and made him DROP a pass, etc. etc. etc....this from a guy that has, to date 14 DROPPED passes this season!

Want some cheese with that WHINE, Terrell...?

Frankly I am amazed he is still allowed on a football field... I mean, show boating is one thing, having an attitude yet another, but to actually have gone as far as SPITTING on an opposing team member???

I can't imagine that ANY self respecting player would want to take the same field as him after that display.

Rumors are already flying that Owens will NOT be coming back to Dallas next year, and one has to wonder what self respecting team would POSSIBLY take him in?

I hope he's invested his millions wisely, because his career could very well be OVER soon...

Tommy Mac -edit: Since it seems you guys LIKE the idea, feel free to add your own, or if you want ME to write it send along suggestions for "Celebrity Asshole Of The Week" whenever you see one to my My Space page here.


  1. Freeking sweet! Great idea Tommy. Celebrity asshole of the week...I am in love with this idea.

    T.O. is a real piece of work. Luckily the Cowboys rumor mill has him leaving after this season. It's really a shame cause the guy does have talent. (BTW dear readers Tommy is an Eagles fan while yours truly has been, and will always be a fan of Americas Team, nay Gods Team...(The Dallas Cowboys )
    I second the nomination of Terrel Owens for the first innaugural Celebrity Asshole of the Week!

    All in favor?

  2. He is a SCHWOOG, Donavan even thinks so. (Heal fast Donavan!!)

  3. I do not deny Owens' talent, and yeah, OK even with all his dropped balls this season the guy is still WAY dangerous on a football field, no doubt.

    But it's clear many of his own team mates HATE him at this point or at least have no respect for him. Gee, I wonder WHY...?

    As an Eagles fan, I will admit: I was WORRIED when we traded T.O. last season...even though I couldnt stand his BS I was worrried we would miss his TALENT on the field.

    Seems I needn't have worries so much, LOL...good riddance.


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