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From you haven't ever read, and your a "gadget" head like Greggie, Tommy and I, you need to go now and read, read, read)

So as of yesterday it was ridiculously easy to record to YouTube. Just record, save, and upload. Done.

Today it got even easier if you have a webcam. Using the Adobe Flash Player API, YouTube can now connect to your webcam and record directly to the site. And by getting rid of the saving and uploading step a huge barrier has been removed for a lot of users. Since saving/uploading have been the biggest complaints about the site this should have a huge impact on the company.

Plus any of you built in webcam users (I'm looking at you MacBook's & MacBook Pro's) you've got a mobile YouTube studio now.– Ben Longo

YouTube allows users to record directly to site [Ars Technica]

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