American Idol Season 7 Winner David Cook - America FINALLY gets it right

Well I can't believe it! I tell you for the first time in 7 seasons my pick to go all the way in the contest won. CONGRATULATIONS David Cook. A REAL musician finally wins American Idol. I didn't see the show but I hear that Simon Cowell stopped to apologize for his comments last night. having had an opportunity to watch the show again and reflect on what he saw.

That's the 7th sign of the apocalypse!

See's the thing. Last night David Archuleta looked like a deer in the headlights as he came out to perform. The crowd at the finale is one of the biggest and I can imagine that the pressure to succeed is incredible for a regular person. And for "Archie" with his pushy Dad and the future of the whole family balancing precariously on his teenage shoulders it just looked like it got to him.
Not so much for David Cook.
While this guy is as humble as anyone I have ever seen on one of these shows, or for that matter anywhere, he looked like he was in his element from the start. I mean he looked like he was enjoying it, loving it really. He did his thing and by all accounts, and by the judgment of the voters, he did it well.
According to my source he won by 12 Million votes. Apparently he was overwhelmed when the announcement was first made and I gotta believe that this kid thought he was gonna lose. I am told that the judges were nodding in agreement with the decision and that Simon looked like the cat who ate the canary..prescient... considering his late to the party apology..but hey Simon's Idol's bad guy and David Cook has made him into a softie.

Simon's lost his Mojo. Someone look for Dr. Evil and the time machine..

On to the actual show
The red carpet featured past Idol contestants, winners, and was sprinkled with professionals from all forms of media as well. Now under most circumstances I would not care that I missed the show. I was only interested in the result and received that via text message, BUT....apparently I missed a hell of a show on lots of levels.

Ok so as usual I am told that the production was way to over the top, and cheesy but we are talking American Idol here. They cram as much shameless promotion into these Idol events as they can and sometimes it mike Meyers plugging his upcoming "Love Guru" movie release, and the Dynamic trio of Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. doing an SNL style video spoof of Gladys Knight and the Pips "Midnight Train to Georgia" in promotion of their upcoming film "Tropic Thunder" Apparently David Archuleta is already starting to cash in as he apparently spoofed Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" for a Guitar Hero commercial all by himself. Graham Nash sang with whacko Brooke and I guess she kept it together, and the final 6 guys got to rip it up with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. Not to be outdone David Cook strapped on his guitar and cranked out "Sharp Dressed Man" with ZZ Top. They Managed to dig up Donna Summer (just kidding...actually according to Club World Magazine she has a new dance album forthcoming) and of course what pop pimp fest would be complete without an appearance from the Jonas Brothers...AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH! (I've met these kids a couple times and actually they're really nice guys. I have some backstage footage from an event we did together that I should upload.) All in all it looks like the Idol producers have been hearing all the questions about whether or not the show still has it and pulled out all the stops to show that they could throw a great party, and attract some very watchable and even bankable celebrities. Maybe Idol isn't dead after all. Hmmmmmm.....
I am also told that George Michael was the final guest appearance and that despite his apparently odd appearance and case of gesticular turrets sounded amazing. Yes, Yes I know George is GAY and yes I know he's been caught doing some pretty vile stuff over the last decade but HEAR ME NOW...George Michael may well be one of the top 10 male vocalists of all time.

Yeah I said it...ALL TIME.

Name the top 10 best voices in your opinion and I can make a plausible argument for Michaels in comparison to most anyone. Now I am not saying best ever...just ONE OF the best ever. According to the American Idol website for the very first time in 17 years, George Michael is going on tour, including dates here in the US. No I won't be going to see him but I thought it was interesting.
Back to David Cook.....

So now there's the whirlwind of talk shows, late night appearances, the Idol tour and the album. I wish him all the best as he makes his way through the circus that awaits. Here's my favorite David Cook performace..Chirs Cornells arrangement of "Billie Jean"

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