OMFG... Guitar Hero hack becomes DJ Hero !!!!

Someone at Playstation has to see this IMMEDIATELY! this needs to be a whole game unto itself! I cannot believe that I didn't see this obvious step right in front of my face!

Is that not the shiat?! Here are my suggestions to improve the game and make it a little more DJ'ish Instead of rocking the buttons on the turntable give us a "dual" battle style set up with the buttons in the "mixer" position requiring crossfader work for the whammy sections and to set off star power. Of course this game would need to be completely revamped to make it a true DJ Hero game but I love this hack!

More Guitar Hero ... WTF?? Why is this dude fanning his junk?
Air guitar...we've all been there. You're body is overtaken by the awesome tune, your hands immediately "assume the position" and suddenly you are thrust into the nerd spotlight of ultimate douche-baggery that is the air guitar. Well someone has figured out how to take it to another level and they've licensed with Activision to brand their idea with the Guitar Hero name. Here's the video.....

Now that is ass-tacular! Air Guitar Rocker is officially licensed with Guitar Hero but you don’t need to own Guitar Hero to play. Simply wear the supplied belt buckle, plug it into the included mini "amp" thing and you're ready to rock. Play your air guitar by strumming the pick in front of the belt buckle and play such classics as Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, and more. Your adoring fans will stare at your junk in awe and wonder and more than one parent will report you as a sexual predator if you're over the age of 18.

I guess for $29.99 you really can't go wrong and the "dude" does keep referring to the thing as a "Youth Electronic Item" so I guess it's aimed at the kiddies. I give the creators props for turning something that is none of our greatest moments into a revenue stream. Same as the guys who made this....

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