Umm Philly? You ROCK!

This is Philadelphia news anchor Alycia Lane. You may have heard of her before. She sent some bikini clad pictures to Rich Eisen of NFL Network. No biggie right? Except that Eisens wife got hold of the pic first and wasn't too happy about it. Lane claimed she was just sending a "fun" picture to an old "friend" Shenanigans? Possibly, but it soon faded from the consciousness of America and Lane went back to being just a pretty hot reporter in Philly.
Apparently Alycia was not happy to be lusted after by just those hetero-males in the Philly TV market but longed for a return to the national stage and consequently decided that all publicity truly is good publicity so she...PUNCHED A FEMALE NY COP! After calling her a Dyke bitch! YEAH that's usually a tasing bro'! Here's the article from the NY Post
Love it babe! L-O-V-E I-T!
A good cat fight is always hot and whilst there is no photographic or video record of the event I am certain the upcoming trial (Lane plead not guilty to the charge of assault) will provide us with some steamy details, and if Lane REALLY wants our attention leave the panties at home and maybe the official court artist can give us a little croth shot ala Britney/Paris/Lindsey...You could be a snatchketeer too Alicia.

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