Holiday on Bedford Ave.

Here's the thing...if you have all this energy, jazz hands choreography, a Tommy-esque psycho interlude and even some decent audio recording chops, why the fuck does the set for the north pole have to suck so hard? Aren't any of you friends with the tech geeks into set design? Not even the gay elf? The bedroom set lame but passable, the street set is actually pretty good...but seriously bedsheets and markers.....WTF????? Miracle on Bedford Ave is destined to be a Christmas Classic or at least what it is trying very hard to be....the next big viral (stinker) from MySpace and YouTube....

(If you choose to watch this video and it causes your IQ to fall even marginally I claim NO RESPONSIBILITY! Go Add xXanderx and Holly St.Hottie as friends on MySpace and you can be cool too!)

Ok I am teh Duh! xXanderx is of course Ben Romans from Click 5! I guess I sort of should have known that. The young lady playing Holly St. Hottie is Gia Farrell who is co-blogging with Ben HERE. (One Love apparently has a bevy of musician bloggers under on heading including ChapStique from Family Force 5 and if you don't know who they are you totally suck! Nah but you do suck a wee bit)

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