"World's First Robotic Guitar"

Gibson Intros "World's First Robotic Guitar" The Robot Guitar can tune itself with a push of a button. Tiny motors in the headstock can tune the guitar to one of seven presets; with default being A440, and the remaining six being based on hit songs. The guitar can also be tuned manually via a knob located on the body that doubles as a volume controller called the MCK or "Master Control Knob".
From the Gibson website...

On December 7, 2007, Gibson will change the guitar world forever. Again. True to the spirit of innovation that inspired Gibson to invent the legendary Tune-o-matic bridge, the powerful humbucker, and the revolutionary Digital Les Paul, Gibson proudly presents the Gibson Robot Guitar—the world's first guitar with robotic technology. Since the dawn of the instrument, musicians have come to accept the guitar's imperfections and lack of tonal precision as necessary evils. Onstage and off, guitarists have fought to stay in tune. Every music lover and performer has had to suffer through the show—halting, mood-killing atonal droning of a loudly amped guitar being brought into tune. And in the studio, or at home, imprecise intonation throws the guitar in and out of tune, up and down the neck, as the instrument requires tweaking with each season and at times with each string change. For as long as the guitar has existed, guitar lovers have had two choices—live with a temperamental and out-of-tune instrument or make frequent trips to the shop for setups. Not anymore. Introducing the Gibson Robot Guitar. All you have to do is play it.

This thing is pretty bad-ass! It has lots more to offer than just the super coolness of this auto tuning system. Wanna learn more? Check out the special Flash website and find out where you can get one! This is a limited edition for the first run so I hope you got alot of bread stashed away if you're thinking about picking one up!

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