Paris & Britney Back on Top!

Our favorite train wrecks Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have made it back to the top of the list. Yes it's true. I personally thought that perhaps they were done. perhaps they had fallen too far to ever make it back. But back they are at the TOP of THE LIST.

Unfortunately its a list no one wants to be on top of.

According to Reuters...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - A poll of American children released on Wednesday found that the two high-profile celebrities should top Santa's naughty list.

By contrast Disney star Hannah Montana, played by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter Miley, was overwhelming deemed the "nicest" celebrity among children aged 2 to 12 while actress Angelina Jolie was the choice for teenagers 13 to 17.

The online survey of 1,107 children was conducted by E-Poll Market Research, which specializes in celebrity and brand research, to gauge children's attitudes about nice, naughty, and the seasonal question of who makes Santa's list.

Spears, whose stint in rehabilitation, panty-less pictures, and custody battle for her children has won headlines globally, was awarded top "naughty" honors with younger and older children.

She was followed on the list by Paris Hilton who spent three weeks in jail this year on a driving violation.

The two women beat out Swiper the Fox from the television show Dora the Explorer, the Grinch from the book "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and Darth Vader from Star Wars among children 2-12.

How frickin nasty must you be in the eyes of little kids to be HIGHER up on Santa's naughty list than the above mentioned baddies, Swiper, the Grinch, and Darth? Remember all that talk about how Brit Brit and Paris were going to corrupt the kids of America? These two skanks aren't fooling the kids of this country. I mean the real kids. Not those quasi-hoochie and wanna-be-pimp-losers called teenagers. The kids have their number and they know whats up. Just a couple of Ho Ho Hoes topping the naughty list.

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