Cellphone Jammer

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the...
Personal Cell Phone Signal Blocker Device

I discussed this device on the FoxXxcast several weeks back and there were alot of people who called bullshit. I just wanted to give everyone who was interested a little more info. The "Jammer" is currently selling for $45 follow the link at the bottom of the specs to purchase one.
It has to be tuned to work with US frequencies as it is tuned for European cell phones out of the box but it's just a matter of turning a few screws.
To all the haters and disbelievers...well...tune in to the BlogTv innaugural broadcast tonight (8pm PST/11pm EST) You can beg forgiveness there.

Create a circle of silence around yourself!
- Cellock-brand time-proven build quality and reliability
- Creates enough interference to block all cell phone signals around you (GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS/3G)
- Fully metal construction - creates a solid and techie feel
- Creates a 0.5M ~ 12M (about 2 to 40 feet) radius of cell phone signal black out area
- Built-in 1500mAh battery lasts 3 to 4 hours, also works and charges on AC and Car 12V power with including adaptors
- Light (6oz) weight, fits-in-a-pocket size
- User's manual available here (400KB)
Perfect for the following senarios:
- Class rooms and small seminar halls
- Meeting rooms and board rooms
- Private offices
- Bus and vehicles (imagine how you can finally have a good undisturbed nap)
- VIP and privacy-sensitive senarios

Learn more by clicking HERE

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