Watch TV on your VGA Monitor

Hey gang this is REALLY cool. If you're like me you've got a couple old VGA monitors lying around. Why not put them to good use! This TV tuner will turn your monitor into a TV set! Check out the specs.....Oh and if you want to watch your favorite TV show while you surf the web...maybe catch a Dallas Cowboys game while you chat on Stickam or BlogTV it has a picture-in-picture feature to make that happen!

Stand-alone VGA TV Tuner Box w/ Remote Control (White)

Stand-alone VGA TV Tuner Box w/ Remote Control (White)

Watch TV on your VGA LCD monitor!This stand-alone TV tuner box allows you to watch TV programming on your VGA LCD monitor at much higher resolutions than standard definition TV. Watch TV like never before! You can also connect a gaming console or other A/V device and speakers for use as a Hi-Fi center.This TV-Box HD supports cool Picture-in-Picture functions for watching TV and computing at the same time! Keep up on all your important television plotlines while you work! Order now!

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