Please Please...Get some perspective!

Ok I am not going to harp on this ridiculous Ellen Degeneres publicity project for very long. Was her reaction genuine, yes. Was it too much...yes. Did this agency act like a bunch of asshats...yes. That's that. Now for some much needed perspective....

Now mainstream media has decided that this is a opportunity to leverage this ridiculous comedy of errors into a soap box to discuss Child Welfare?

....there is NO CORRELATION between adopting a pet, and adopting a child or providing Foster care as has been suggested by this article.

Shame on you TIME magazine for giving space to this point of view. Children are NOT pets and you disparage the humanity of children in foster care by allowing this comparison. In doing so you are helping to de-humanize them and are part of the problem itself. Capitalizing on this situation to fill space, or meet a deadline demonstrates some pretty pitiful editorial and journalistic judgment.

You want to talk about the state of Foster care in this country? Give us some regular and consistent coverage. Give some advertising space to the agencies who want to promote the opportunities available to provide loving nurturing homes to the people who might offer that help. Take up the cause when there's no shocking story to make a great bumper or banner, don't use this trivial fiasco as an opportunity to tug at the morality of your readers because if you tug those strings insincerely they will stretch and weaken, and those readers will not hear your cry of "wolf" when they truly need to.

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