Mommy Blogs, Marijuana, and Me

I got a rather strange and quite ridiculous email this morning that I felt I would share with you, "my gentle snowflakes". Let's go straight to the email shall we....
Dear Yamagoo or whoever you are:

I was visiting one of my favorite Mommy Blogs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and saw a comment that you had left on a recent post. I thought it was funny so I clicked on your name to see your blog. UGH! Why are you trolling around on Mommy blogs you sicko freak! We don't want your kind around our children. I can't believe you would be stalking Moms who are trying to raise good kids. You should be ashamed of yourself. You make me sick.


Oh yeah it wasn't. And it came from a throwaway email addy. You know the sites that give you a temporary email address that expires in 30minutes....nice

I don't even know where to begin, but I'll start's true.....I DJ J read, and subscribe to several Mommy Blogs! I admit it!
The highly "organized" and extremely sociable world of Mommy Blogging is a serious force to be reckoned with! Well written Mommy blogs receive tons of comments, mostly from other Mommy Bloggers, but also casual surfers, and die hard subscribers too. Additionally there are incredible amounts of money to be made Mommy blogging at this moment. Many professional blogging assignments are doled out to Moms who receive steady, quality traffic on their personal blogs. For these reasons I began exploring this network of working and stay-at-home (SAHM) Mothers who were sharing opinions, suggestions and advice, sometimes 3 and 4 posts a day, in the blogosphere.

Guess what happened? I got hooked on several of the really good ones! I subscribe to them and look forward to the posts popping up in my GReader with great anticipation. These women can write! They make me think, they challenge my stereotypes of women and Mothers, and perhaps most often and most welcomely they make me laugh. Sometimes at myself, sometimes at Dads (I am a Dad afterall) and sometimes with them at some amusing anecdote.

So back to the e-mail.....

WTF? Are your children reading Mommy blogs? If so are they not affected by the language on those blogs or the frank sexual discussion that can be found therein? If popping over here and seeing some pictures of marijuana, and an opposing viewpoint to yours is going to jeopardize your efforts at parenting "Drug Free" kids then you're doing a fucking poor ass job at delivering your message.

I DO NOT think that children should use ANY type of drug...ANY. That means I believe that the body chemistry of a developing human being, specifically with regard to neurology, is vulnerable to outside influences in the youth and adolescent stages. I think this applies to all "drugs" even those that parents dump into the children to fix whatever ails them. "Drugs are bad m'kay" ESPECIALLY those psychotics prescribed to children for behavioral modification. You wanna get preachy start there cause THAT is an insidious practice. To be clear I, and the entire YAMAGOO crew believe that children should not use, or be exposed in an way tomarijuana. This in now way conflicts with our belief that adults should be free to make their own decisions as to which drug they are or aren't going to use, both medicinally and socially.
Which leads me to my next thought after reading this email....

Is ti this persons belief that there are NO Moms who smoke pot? If that is your viewpoint may I point out that it is simply incorrect. As a matter of fact check this out from

In our first survey 27% of women between the ages of 31 and 60 responded that they smoked pot for recreational purposes. The number increased to 52% as the survey was continued online. It seems some suburban moms have a new vice to manage life, love and playdates.

Six pot smoking women agreed to come on camera to express their viewpoint. Take a look at what they said.

So there! Marijuana is a safer, more cost effective, and more socially responsible choice than alcohol, or prescription drugs for recreation. It's also a damn site better at "curing what ails you" for a myriad of illnesses.

Finally... to our Mystery emailer I have this to say...Shut the fuck up! If I am asked to stop posting somewhere I will, but to date, I have not been asked, I don't expect to be asked, cause I read the blogs of adults who conduct themselves as such I respect them and their writing. I am not trying to link whore (you can see there are zero links to these blogs here, out of respect) or drive traffic here. I am simply enjoying a glimpse into the lives of some admirable women. An interacting with them just like you.

If you are the writer of one of the Mommy Blogs I read regularly and you're just popping in....
Or if you're one of the several Mommy Bloggers who visit us often (daily in some cases) Welcome! I love your stuff and hope you enjoy ours, and I understand if you feel you can't drop us a comment....knowing you're there is good enough for me~!


  1. I know alot of Mommies who Fire Up Frequently & DISCREETLY! At least there were no goatses on or blog for that stuck up BIOTCH to see! LOL!

  2. wow there's money to be made in SAHM blogging? Enough so I'd never have to work????


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