Holiday Jesus Dress Up

This was sent to us by The Princess..(aka Ms. DJ Greggie C)its from (Normal? LOL?)
Now it's time for Miscellaneous Holiday Jesus Dressup! Dress up Jesus for any of the other holidays by dragging the items to him with your mouse. They'll snap right into place! Then when you're done you can start over again by clicking the RESET button! Do it all day, FOR FREE!

DISCLAIMER: If this upsets you...well..create a blog and bitch about it over there. Comments hating on us will be posted as long as you have something to say. If you can't understand that this is NOT the ACTUAL Jesus then you might want to seek professional help cause you're delusional. And don't go fearing for our eternal souls. That's between us and whoever WE choose to pray/not pray too. OK-Thanks!

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  1. What fun I had on EASTER with this. I had nothing to do except play with this all day. Thanks and OZZY RULES!


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