Gadget Time

Well, here we go. Some pretty cool stuff(I think anyway) that i know i would love to have around, even if i was to never use it(although I'm sure i would ;-D). Ever lose a key, or not have one, but you still needed to(or wanted to) get in. This would probably help you Lock Pick Shop pick that lock! Need power?? Look no further, just visit MFUEL DirectMfuel, on stop, and one device for everything you need to power, anywhere! Here is one for Deej, and all our Star WarsStar Wars Fans out there. Remember being a kid, and playing that good old game toys r usBattle Ship. It was always a great way to spend a rainy day. Well, for the Star Wars Fan in all of us.... HammacherBattle Ship: Star Wars Style. Sometimes being at work can be.... Well, boring. Want something to play with? How about a Brandocannon! Plug and play right through your computer via USB, And all at my second favorite price, CHEAP(Yes free, of course, is first)

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