Celebrity Assholes Of The Week: 1/11/07

Yep, you read that right, it says "Assholes," as in PLURAL.

For the first time I nominate TWO celebrities to share the honor of "Celebrity Asshole Of The Week:"

Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump.

Does anyone CARE that these two windbags are at "war" with each other in the press?

I could care LESS if these nitwits want to do a "He Said ? She Said" battle but why the hell do I need to know about it???

And now even MORE celbrity idiots are being drug into it like Barbara Walters and one of my nominees for "Lifetime Achievement Award for Biggest Celebrity Asshole" herself: Madonna!

And to think the whole thing started over some "Miss USA" that no one will remember a year from now! I mean, is there anything more USELESS than a Beauty Pagent Winner???

And Trump is no better. Doesn't that guy have a business to run and a bad TV show to make?

Oh and by way Don...the comb over fools NO ONE. You make TONS of money, hire a fucking stylist and FIX that goddamn thing, it's embarressing.

You AND Rosie BOTH need to shut the hell up and stop taking up the media headlines better left for IMPORTANT issues like the war in Iraq or something we SHOULD be reading about instead.

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