Absolutely MAD, Absolutely Friggin' AWESOME!

Alfred E. Newman...ahh the memories of Spy vs. Spy and the bizarre Rube Goldberg creations. I learned about satire, sardonic wit, sarcasm, in truth Mad Magazine had a lot to do with making me the wise ass that I am today.
Now they've compiled all 50 years of Mad Magazine on 2 DVD's. Are you kiddin me! Not just the cartoons, but the letters and the magazine ads..EVERYTHING! It's less than $45 bucks on Amazon. just click on the pic and it'll take you there.

I remember coming home to the US from Germany when I was 10 years old. My parents were divorcing and my little sister was an absolute bitch! My Mom was pretty much a stressed out ball of uselessness what with the divorce, and the hell of traveling with two obnoxious kids on military transportation. We arrived in the airport in Bangor, Maine to a 24hour flight delay. They doled out blankets, hard cheese and ham sandwiches and we all bunked down wherever we could to try and just deal. My Mom took me to the airport magazine stand and let me buy 2 MAD Magazines. I read them...cover to least 20 times each. I swear to this day that when I walk into an airport, I smell the ink of a MAD Magazine, but a smile breaks across my face. I am ordering these DVD's and I can't wait to relive those Absolutely MAD memories!

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