DJ Maul

So you all should know by now I'm a HUGE Star Wars geek, right?

Anyway, I figured I'd share this with you guys...the screen name I go by at Star is "DJ Maul" which is of course a reference to Darth Maul from Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

I made a half joke one day there about how I wanted to make a tee shirt up for an upcoming Star Wars convention in May that featured my "DJ Maul" alter ego in some way but I didn't have the artistic talent to actually DESIGN it.

That's when an online friend of mine named Neil stepped in. He volunteered to draw something FOR me and asked me what I had in mind, so I pitched him my concept:

Darth Maul, at the turntables, perhaps in a club, spinning some tunes, and maybe wearing some funky cool sunglasses.

THIS is what he sent me just a few short days later:
Not only did he reach inside my head and NAIL the image I was going for, but notice the detail here: The arms on the turntables? Mini Darth Maul lightsabers.

The club lights above? Sith Probe Droids

And the name on the speakers? "Maulshall" stacks!

I really want to get a giant poster sized print of this, if I do perhaps I will get one for the office as well, we could hang it in the back room.

major kudos to my buddy Neil for drawing me an awesome custom piece of artwork that I have already made into a tee-shirt that I will wear proudly, perhaps even at some gigs when I can go casual anyway...

DJ Tommy Mac, aka "DJ Maul"


  1. I too am a "Star Wars Geek" I must admit! I remember vivdly standing in a long line with my father waiting to get in to the movie. He had already gotten me into watching Star Trek and the experience of Star Wars...quite literally...changed my perception of what was possible.

  2. I can't remember who the DJ was, but there was a special session on the Essential Mix (which is played on Radio 1 on the BBC) which was totally dedicated to Star Wars. It was pretty pimp.

  3. Ah... yes. DJ Maul... the one and only.

    The girls want him and the geeks want to be him. LMAO ;D


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